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albi by albi



born in germany

living in paris


take pictures since 35 years

with nikon


travel with me....

thank you for your visit***


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  • tracking the gorilla in ouganda - by albi

    14 juin 2014 ( #ouganda )

    It seems to be easy to track the gorilla in ouganda; just buy a ticket and join a group...... but: flying to Addis, 700 km on the road, 2700 m about sea level, and than up and down in a deep forest, no light, only green and nothing to help, to stand....somebody...

  • it’s football time ! by albi

    28 juin 2014 ( #ouganda )

    22 players in a football game, two teams and one referee… i will show you 22 faces from ouganda and one from rwanda: close to the border of congo and rwanda i took these pictures in very friendly small towns, villages or just some houses between tea and...

  • les hommes à cuba-by albi

    15 avril 2014 ( #cuba )

    not only girls, womens and ladies are in cuba; cuba home of the macho man....some of them have really something more than an europeen man,.... me includeed---;)) I just try to fix them with my camera, they loved it, hope you like it too !! Some more words...

  • nikon df high iso in vignales - cuba by albi

    22 mars 2014 ( #cuba )

    back from cuba, i will show you some pictures taken with my new nikon df and the vr 70-200mm f/2.8g; all pictures are taken with hig iso, the first 2 pictures with 2500 iso; all others with 4000 iso, all with f/3.2 or f/3.5; speed was 1/125s - 1/320s....

  • girls, womens and ladies from cuba - by albi

    10 avril 2014 ( #cuba )

    girls, womens and ladies have something special in cuba, a warm smile, always ready to be taken by the camera, lovely colors and beautiful eyes...all pictures with my d3x: clic to the first picture to have the slide show: thank you cliquez sur la première...

  • vignales cuba by albi

    29 mars 2014 ( #cuba )

    back again in cuba, this time we are in vignales, the place of cigares in cuba, a little town, very easy living and a lot of fun, the only questions is; how long will it be like this? all pictures again with the nikon df, please have a look: you have...

  • cuba the easy way of live-by albi

    27 avril 2014

    bye, bye !!!! This will be one of my last blogs......no worry, the last blog from "overblog"- i am moving to wordpress, same blog but with much more stuff and informations! Meanwhile some pictures from the easy going live in cuba: sunshine, music, nice...

  • cuba: on the road to trinidad by albi

    27 mars 2014 ( #cuba )

    with my nikon df on the road to trinidad; hasta la victoria siempre; always on my mind, but the reality is a little bit different: no tire, but still smiling..... please clic to the first picture to have slide show: bitte erstes bild anklicken... s.v.p....

  • more cuba by albi

    23 mars 2014 ( #cuba )

    hello! with the nikon df in cuba, the 2 pictures from the dancing show are taken with 8000 iso, please have a look: please clic to the first picture to have the new slide show... cliquez sur la première image pour faire défiler les images en grand......

  • DEMOLITION by albi

    09 mars 2014 ( #paris )

    hello! i am back from cuba, but before i have to show you some pictures shoot this afternoon, north of paris, close to the seine... with the nikon d3, the 16mm 2.8, the 85mm 1.4 and the 24-70mm: thank you for your visit !

  • senegal by albi (nikon d1x)

    29 août 2010 ( #africa )

    senegal by albi

  • china first trip by albi (nikon d1x)

    30 août 2010 ( #asia )

    first trip to china by albi

  • kenya by albi (nikon d1x)

    30 août 2010 ( #africa )

    kenya by albi

  • south africa second trip by albi (nikon d2x)

    31 août 2010 ( #africa )

    second trip to south africa by albi

  • rome by albi (nikon d1x)

    31 août 2010 ( #italy )

    rome by albi

  • china second trip by albi (d2x)

    01 septembre 2010 ( #asia )

    second trip to china by albi

  • tanzania by albi (nikon d2x)

    01 septembre 2010 ( #africa )

    tanzania by albi - my favorite....

  • berlin by albi (nikon d2x)

    02 septembre 2010 ( #germany )

    this design is just too strong...it's not just a kiss this is more! berlin by albi

  • tunisia by albi (nikon d2x)

    04 septembre 2010 ( #africa )

    this ? or that ? tunisia by albi

  • dubai by albi (nikon d2x)

    04 septembre 2010 ( #asia )

    dubai by albi

  • london by albi (nikon d1x)

    05 septembre 2010 ( #england )

    london by albi

  • naples by albi (nikon d1x)

    07 septembre 2010 ( #italy )

    naples by albi (nikon d1x)

  • paris by night by albi (nikon d1x)

    05 novembre 2010 ( #paris )

    expo: 30 sec. expo: 5 sec. expo: 2 sec. expo: 1,6 sec. expo: 30 sec. expo: 20 sec. expo: 2 sec. expo: 15 sec. expo: 1/30 sec. expo: 1/5 sec. expo: 2,5 sec. expo: 8 sec. expo: 3 sec. expo: 1/8 sec. expo: 2 sec. expo:1/20 sec. paris by night by albi (nikon...

  • agriculture tools design by albi (nikon d3x)

    27 novembre 2010 ( #design )

    agriculture tools design by albi - somewhere lost in france- loiret-ondreville sur essonne nikon d3x + 28-300mm

  • ugly suburbs, no place to play - by albi nikon d3x + 24-70mm 2.8G

    09 avril 2011 ( #design )

    ugly suburbs, no place to play...only 3 km far from Paris, (what a nice place) you only have to see the buildings, you understand all problems of our suburbs....by alby nikon d3x + 24-70mm 2.8 G

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